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High On Poker

I’m back to the online poker grind. In some ways, its exactly as it used to be. In other ways its starkly different.

The similarity lies in the fact that it took very little time for me to fall back into my old ways. Pretty much every night, I’m hoping to find a game. Likewise, if there is a game running, I really want to be in it. On several Sundays, when I have sat down with wifey Kim to watch one of the few shows we agree upon – The Walking Dead – I have had the laptop on my lap with poker running. The first two times, she asked how I can watch TWD while playing. Its a fairly intense show and requires a certain amount of attention. By the third week, she just accepted it. So, I’m back to being a degen.

The difference lies in the fact that the game is with a set group of players (37 total, but the regulars are closer to 15), with only one game per night, if that. The buy-in is higher than what I used to play online regularly, $40. I had played $50 tourneys and whatnot, but I typically kept the buyins to the $20-25 range. But, when the only game in town is a $40 tournament with two rebuys, you play a $40 tournament with two rebuys and you are happy for it. The fact that we have a group of players, as opposed to being open to the entire world, is an interesting wrinkle. Early on, I began taking notes on my opponents. They have paid off, literally. For example, one player has the habit of slowplaying and betting pot on the river. I’ve seen him do this enough times to know its his move. Another guy likes to re-raise with draws and will bluff when he misses. I’ve used both of those pieces of info to make profitable plays at which others would scoff, had they not had the benefit of my astute note-taking.

This, of course, leads to the problem with winning, which is unique to a group like this. And let me be clear. At first, I was on such a run of losses that I was considering quitting. Since then, I’ve won it all back and enough that if I were not me I would wonder if that guy with my screenname was cheating or had some other untoward advantage. I just confirmed through Dave Roose, the guy who got me in the group but never plays, that the organizer tracks wins and losses for all players. Uh oh. In a home game setting, at least I can be my entertaining self, giving the host a reason to invite me, even if I am fleecing the competition. That doesn’t work online. These players don’t know my personality, so sarcasm can fall flat and snark can come off as just plain mean. So, I mostly keep it friendly, hopeful that they need me for the numbers – after all, on some days they can only get 5 players, and on others, they cannot even get that much and have to cancel the game.

Woe is the man who wins so much that he risks being uninvited.

Until next time, make mine poker!

2 Responses to “Woe is the Man Who Wins Too Much”

  1. Scott

    What site you playing on?

  2. Jordan

    Stars. It’s a home game setup and money is transferred by other means. If you are interested, I can probably get you into the group.

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