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High On Poker

Many poker players, even professionals, face serious difficulties when transitioning from online playing to live events, or the other way around. Even starting with live playing can be overwhelming, especially at those big tournaments heavily packed with strong personalities. While nothing beats the real experience in those situations, there are certainly some steps to undertake before diving into the unknown.

Even if you have never played the game under any circumstances, the difference between online poker and live poker should be intuitively recognized. It doesn’t come as a surprise that competing against people in situations where you actually see them and they can see you will cause some important issues to be considered. You have to address those issues beforehand, otherwise they will definitely make your life harder. That is what the cool kids are doing, at least if they really aspire to greater things.

One form of live playing is cash games you can come across at casinos and other regulated establishments. This would be similar to regular online table games in terms of coming and going as pleased, and much different when it comes to the need to read opponent’s true intentions and hide one’s own. After carefully choosing the right and affordable stakes to play with, according to available bankroll, there are some important tips to have in mind throughout the game. The obvious ones, applying also to any kind of real money wagering, are to stay focused and alert, keeping eyes on what’s going on around, which could be difficult for online grinders used to play multiple tables. Maintaining clear head, free of distractions, outside concerns and refraining from intoxicating substances will help this case profoundly. While at it, keen observation of opponents tells and tendencies is crucial, too. As well as looking for some bluffing patterns. When tempted to take a shot at bluffing yourself, not being experienced enough should be major argument for the case of minimalizing this part of the game. There’s plenty of time to learn along the way.

Big live tournaments with high competition and great money prizes are something else to be conscious about. It’s probably best to start from smaller events rather than World Series of Poker. Still, the stress factor in those is considerably higher than during casual casino visit. However, it is important to tame a pounding heart a bit and not to be instantly intimidated by numerous and most likely more experienced players. After all, the idea remains the same – the best hand wins in the end, and it might just as well be yours. On the other side, a little humility won’t hurt either, but imitating professionals seen on tv or even in person is not a good idea for a serious approach. Ideally, you would be able to play your own game and produce some unique combination of styles. Recognizing the parts in the game when it’s better to play tight or when to take on some more aggressive stance is the ultimate goal here.

Last but not least, regardless of the circumstances and level of difficulty, don’t forget to have fun and simply enjoy poker. If it feels like a chore it probably won’t work. Whereas the ability to loosen up a little can help to relax and make better decisions.

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