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High On Poker

The Return of Pantsless Poker

January 18th, 2018

I have a secret to tell. I’ve been playing online poker. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. It’s illegal!

This all came about around a month ago. Good pal o’ mine Dave Roose sent me a text about how his friend, who I will call Minty, has been hosting an online poker game at a free-to-play site, but with real world money implications. The tournament, which runs fairly randomly, but also fairly often, is a $40 buy-in. Fortunately, Roose vouched for me and Minty trusted me, so I pay after the tournament via an online money transfer program that shall remain nameless. Thus far, its been pretty easy to transfer the funds, but, sadly, despite several attempts, I have yet to receive any funds. That’s right, folks. I have NOT been cashing.

Playing online poker again is interesting. It’s definitely different. I remember in the good old days circa 2007 sitting in my couch, next to wifey Kim, playing on a laptop while we watched a show together. Occasionally, I would pop in headphones and a mic and be able to talk with fellow bloggers, some of which had kids. When those kids would wake up or would otherwise need parental attention, the player(s) would have to leave the game for a bit. I had no such issues, being married but childless. Thems were the days.

Nowadays is very different. With two kids under 5 years-old, my routine has changed. I haven’t had a laptop in over a year, so my poker is relegated to my home office, which is a nice way to say the walk-in junk drawer where our desktop is set up. Its more isolating, but, I suppose, there are less distractions. Thus far, I have not had to deal with mid-game childcare, so that’s fine, but the possibility is always there.

My skills have also seemingly atrophied; or at least my luck has. I’ve probably played four times or so, and have yet to win. The second time, I bubbled, but since then, its been ugly. I think part of the issue is patience. Focus is an issue too, as I notice myself mentally checking out between hands instead of watching my opponents for patterns. Then again, sample size is small.

Whatever the case, its nice to be back in action.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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