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High On Poker


Samuel is a guy whose dense friends believe that he will one day conquer the heights of the poker world. From his recent local performances, they believe that Samuel has all it takes to be a poker “star”. Yes, he is talented and seems to be a promising poker player, but how he got started playing poker is a rather strange story.

Samuel was born in an upper-middle-class household. He was born almost ten years after his parent’s marriage because they suffered from some infertility problems. For this reason, Samuel was given undue care and attention. He was assisted in doing anything and everything.

What he lacked was the liberty to think and do things proportionate to his age by himself. For example, he was not allowed to play in the evenings and holidays with his peer group, as his parents feared that he might get hurt. Also, from dress to food, his parents, though lovingly, imposed their interests on him.

Despite this, he was a brilliant student and a promising athlete during his early days. He proved to be adept in his studies. And out of the classroom, he excelled in sprinting events.

By the time Samuel was ready for the college, his parents had made up their mind that he would be a mechanical engineer. But his passion was elsewhere. He wanted to study and pursue a career in mathematics. Later, though unwillingly, he joined a reputable college to pursue an engineering degree.

Soon, everything changed for the worse. His academic interests started fading away as mechanics was not his “cup of tea”. Out of academic and internal pressure, he started looking for some way to vent his frustration. And unfortunately, with some external influence, he started smoking. By the end of his coursework, he had been transformed into a chain smoker.

Though he somehow managed to secure a degree, he was unable to come out of his bad habit, despite he himself showing intent. To his fortune, it was then that his pre-degree classmates happened to arrange a get-together and hear his story. Knowing the unfortunate situation of their friend, they suggested that Samuel to find some interesting thing to do so that he may concentrate completely on that; thereby effectively reducing the frequency of smoking. He chose card games.

Because of his concentration on the game and his conscious efforts, he then reduced his smoking. It was at this point that one of his friends introduced him to the world of Poker. Samuel was even gifted the poker strategy book titled “Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide” written by the famous professional poker player Barry Greenstein. Although it was initially meant to make playing cards more interesting and a bit rewarding for Samuel, it made his life whole again.

He found poker so interesting that he substantially reduced his smoking in the first week alone. Within another couple of months, he eventually quit smoking altogether. And by the time he quit smoking, he had already mastered the game of poker. So now, Samuel has made up his mind to take up poker as his career and he, supported by his friends, is waiting for a global breakthrough.

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