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High On Poker

Even Two Won’t Stop Me

November 30th, 2016

II’ve had a helluva year, people. We had a relatively sudden death in my family in the summer (no need to get into it in detail here), and the birth of my second child in October. The result, as you can imagine, is that my already meager poker play remains just that…meager. Fortunately, there is poker on the horizon.

Once again, I will be returning to Atlantic City for AC for X-Mas. This is probably the sixteenth year, but it will be different than years past. Initially, it was just me and wifey Kim (then girlfriend Kim). Eventually, Dave Roose and Robbie Hole joined. Then, my parents and Roose’s parents got in on the action. Roose’s wife and Hole’s girlfriend joined the festivities and my brother(s) and other friends would randomly join for a year here and there. But one constant was me and wifey Kim. Not this year though.

While I will be drinking free drinks and playing poker at a table of mostly non-Christians, wifey Kim will be home with a toddler and newborn. What a woman! For the first time in a while, I will be on an AC trip without the wife, so poker will be practically non-stop. Sure, we’ll be doing a X-mas eve dinner (our usual joint, Rafici’s, reopened after being closed for several years) and sure, this year, I’ll only be in AC for one night, but, well, FREEDOM! Of course, I will use this freedom to completely destroy myself with no sleep (already used to that from having two kids), copious booze (not so used to that anymore), plenty of poker (I am always ready for poker) and my buds.

Now, whether this tradition persists, particularly in light of the life events mentioned in that first paragraph, is yet to be seen. AC continues to commit slow suicide with high room rates (fortunately, Roose got a free room, so I’ll be staying with him). They were able to stop the expansion of NJ poker to the Meadowlands, which is way closer to NYC, but PA casinos are still taking on a lot of the action that was previously exclusive to AC. If NJ has a bright spot, it may be its online poker, which remains the only place to play online poker legally in the US, with the exception of Delaware and Nevada. If only I had a cable long enough to reach NJ from my NY home, so that I can spend some time in an online casino New Jersey offers. Hell, I may even get some online poker while in AC for X-mas. It seems sacrilegious, when live poker is just downstairs, but who knows.

Until next time, make mine poker!

3 Responses to “Even Two Won’t Stop Me”

  1. The Poker Meister

    Hey Jordan –
    Will you be playing in PA at all over December? I’m going to have Fridays off during the month and was considering driving up to Philly for a day or something.

    Around here, we have MGM National Harbor opening on Dec 8, so that’s a new exciting option in addition to the Baltimore Horseshoe & Maryland Live!

    Anyway, if you’d be up for a meet up, let’s see if we can make it work.

  2. The Poker Meister

    Delete me

  3. HighOnPoker

    PM, I was toying with the idea of making a day trip during the week between X-mas and New Years to Sands Bethlehem. This has not been discussed with wifey Kim, but I’m sure one day during the week, I can probably make that happen. I’m just not sure how convenient of a drive it is for you.

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