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Raising the Stakes

March 5th, 2013

The desire to move up in stakes has really gotten a hold of my head. In the past, I had thought about moving up, but it was more of a long-term goal. I was having fun playing in the kiddy pool, splashing with my sometimes mono-syllabic friends, donking around and generally enjoying myself. But since the scoreboard of poker is $$$$, I knew, deep down, that I could not remain a 1/2 grinder all of my life. I just felt no real urgency to move up.

Perhaps it is life changes that have opened me up to the idea of higher stakes. As silly as it may sound, having more responsibilities makes me want to up my game and my high score (once again, $$$$). That extra upcoming responsibility? High on Baby! That’s right. Wifey Kim and I are procreating, so baby literally needs a new pair of shoes.

I remember reading other blogs from back in the day from players who had newborn babies. Late night screaming baby sessions were also met with late night sessions of online gambling on a site like Mansion Casino Australia. Now, I guess I’ll just have to pay attention to baby, since stupid online poker is still illegal. Or I can move to New Jersey, further away from my free babysitters (my parents). What a dilemma.

I suppose I also realize that with the coming baby, my play time will be short. My good pal Dave Roose is always complaining that post-baby, our AC trips will be done, but I try to remind him that it is just AC, a couple of hours away. I’m sure I can still go a couple of times a year. It helps having a wonderful wife.

What an odd thing. Pressures that would normally warrant a reduction of play and stakes actually cause me to crave the opposite. Perhaps it is just the anticipation of less opportunities in the future. It may also be an excuse to escape. When I play poker, I only focus on poker. It is a wonderfully relaxing experience, if you ignore the intense adrenaline surges. Whatever the case, its exciting times ahead.

Until next time, make mine poker!

5 Responses to “Raising the Stakes”

  1. The Poker Meister

    Let me be the first to publicly say congratulations! Having a baby is very exciting news!

    For once, all those years of practice actually paid off!

  2. David Memphis MOJO Smith

    Mazel tov!

  3. The Poker Meister

    Ditto Mojo – Mazel Tov – but I was afraid to say that because I wasn’t sure people would know what that meant.

  4. Gunslinger

    Congrats! Becoming a father is one of the best moments in life.

  5. pokerpeaker

    Congrats. I knew it would happen one day. 🙂

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