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Hey folks. Lately, HighOnPoker has been nothing but The Leak, as I can’t seem to write about my day trip to AC this weekend (-$150 for the day; -$270 in cash play and +$120 in tournament play). But the timing is right, as I’ve been leaking all over the place lately.

I may’ve mentioned it before, but prior to the start of the NBA 2010-2011 season, I placed a bet through one of my Las Vegas cohorts on the Miami Heat to win the championship. I would’ve gotten a much better deal on the bet if I waited three months into the season, but either way, I now stand to make $300 if the Heat can pull it off. They’ve already won the first NBA Finals game; I’m hoping for a sweep.

You may be wondering why I would bet on the Heat to win it all. Or you may not be wondering. Either way, unless you recall my prior post, you may be surprised to learn of the logic behind the bet.

Wifey Kim and I went on vacation to Spain several years ago. That same year, Spain won the World Cup. We went to New Orleans one year; that same year, they won the Super Bowl for the first time. We went to Chicago one year, and the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. So, when we went to Miami in 2010 to see my cousin get married, I decided that I had to bet on a Miami team to win a championship. Between the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl and the Heat, with the new holy trinity, winning the NBA Championship, my decision was obvious. Now many months later, it looks like wifey Kim and my vacation championship streak continues. To book wifey Kim and Jordan to travel to your city, email me a the link on the top left of the site! We can’t guarantee which of  your hometeams will win, but statistically speaking, there is a 100% chance* that one of them will win a championship.

Meanwhile, my WSOP Prop bet got interesting when Phil Ivey decided to boycott the WSOP. On a personal level, I am actually impressed by Ivey’s decision to speak out against FullTilt. I am also personally delighted, as Phil Ivey was available to me in my WSOP Prop pool, but I passed on him for Phil Hellmuth. I actually considered the fact that the FullTilt boys would be dealing with fallout, not to mention my personal belief that it is hard to have two good years back to back. So, I went with Hellmuth, who I figure has the most to prove, seeing as how he would logically want to solidify his spot at the top of the bracelet race and he was without sponsorship. Looks like that is paying off already.

What won’t pay off is my god awful bet with iam23Skidoo. We made a prop bet on the amount of entrants in the main event and I went way too high with a number slightly north of 6313. The over/under is now actually 5977, based on his number and my number. That’s pretty high, although I do think it is possible. My thinking was that even after the UIGEA, things didn’t dip too bad. In hindsight, though, I guessed way too high. I may have to consider arranging a buyout if the preliminary numbers are bad.

Until next time, make mine poker!

*Based on data accumulated from 2009 to the present.

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